Chapter 1 – To Begin

Days are sunny, clouds form

ever-changing images in motion and there

is a cool breeze blowing in from across the

dirty river. From among the branches

of a wise, old tree we can see a whole new

world – it is soft and green and it is


The mountain was bald for a short wet

while just after the Arizona sun singed the

desert’s skin and we got baked – yeah, we

were like leather – tough and tanned in our

shady tree-top hideout.

Looking down at the ground from a higher

elevation we smiled at the beauty of it all

from a distance, simply wonderfully

naturally at peace and in touch

with our surroundings

completely comfortable not seeing the forest

for the trees but seeing our world from a tree

in the forest.


Maudlin Machinations

Rattle chains


pathetic phenomena

roam; staggering,


into vase deserted corridors.

Malignity echoes

spiraling at and away

from its source.

A Parable


Open Road

Free ride

50 miles

with bullets in mind

the smell of wet nail polish

and nicotine at my lips

60 minutes

Sam’s cellular is out of service

Little boy boxer, Roy

Lives in the bus stop ghetto.

The sun leaves me

for the harsh eyes of darkness

in the company of two.


Black candles bleed

violet blood


A young man feeds

on the tangy flesh

of yet another

helpless heifer

who grazes in the bush

of his love

lapping at the milk of

The Cyclops

Make my day