Chapter 1 – I promise

I would bet a million dollars

On a fair haired betrayal

If I had it.

A mad man eats his own heart out

In my dreams

Over me

I could not put him out of misery

Fast enough to please.

My lord has no pride

He lies in wait

To ambush the innocent

While I trample daisies

I pray! I fear

I run, I hide!

There is no power in this victory

One battle from a war of

Treacherous love

Games you choose to share with me

Loneliness is relative to company


If it is the big, bad wolf

You wish to be

I will wear a mane of red and

Sit beneath yonder tree to wait

For thee. A basket full of

Grandmother’s treats and a

Axe man.

Together we’ll put your head

On a block

And watch with a smile

As it rolls, eyes intact

Over the miles

Of bodiless forest

And you’ll call for your mother

If you ever

I promise.

Make my day