Respect & Love

Respect (def.) –

1)      To show deferential regard

2)      To avoid violation of

3)      To treat courteously

Love (def.) –

1)      A deep feeling of affection

2)      Intense desire or attraction

3)      To have charity for

How to show respect:

R – Realize who you are with, how they are behaving, what they are saying

E – Expect the same from yourself and others

S – Sympathize. Do unto others as they would have you do unto to them.

P – Be Present. Show up, pay attention, be on time, keep agreements

E – Evaluate where this person is coming from, culture, values, current emotions

C – Communicate. #1 Listen. #2 Say what you mean. #3 Make your boundaries known.

T – Take note of their cues, what is important to them, where their boundaries are, repeat it back

What is love? And how is it different from basic human respect?

L – Long-lasting personal regard and affection

O – Omniscient respect for each other’s well-being, happiness and growth

V – Validates each other’s realities

E – Even on our worst days

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