Poem for a dear friend

You should know

How beautiful you are

When no one is looking

I see you

I see you glowing

As you glide effortlessly

Gracefully from task to task

With a speed and efficiency

Only passion can produce

More in a wisp

Of your hair

Those eyes! That skin!

Than most even begin

To posses

With such assuredness

So soft

One would never know

By looking

How hard you work

At everything you do

Because you make it look effortless

When you smile up

At no one in particular

you should know, dearest friend

what a force you are

how you light up a room

with your laugh

how you charm us

into your world

how you’re all at once

completely approachable

and beyond reproach

how your character

challenges us to aspire

embraces us in empathy

and entices us to follow

your lead

is gentle

as a mother’s tongue

your hand’s steady

as the camel passes

through the eye of the needle

you’re always prepared

with a cake and a compliment


you should know

you are appreciated

loved, cherished


by all who meet you

lucky those few


to know you

blessed by your charity

you should know

how you motivate us

with your boundless generosity

your steadfast dependability

your tenacious desire

to live life

is contagious

even when you think

no one is watching

I should know!


2 comments to “Poem for a dear friend”
2 comments to “Poem for a dear friend”

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