I have the power! Pt. 2 of 3

Who will be our next contestant

Pat Sajacked into the realm of

Spinning wheels, outlaw justice and freakish family loyalty

Strikingly lifelike TV Guide circa 1984

No, not that one

Right down to a nagging distrust of

Organized anything

Strong predilections

Toward Asian philosophies

Barefoot Shaolin monk types

Avatars, rain forest jungle cafes, disappearing pollinators, drought, dust bowls, whirling dervishes, dung beetles, pyramid schemes

I ran


To your affairs

In order of appearance

To the next stage

The page I turned

The other cheek

To war we wedged

Between a chocolate covered tree dwelling elf

And a hedgehog hero

Your belief systemic

A stint in my

Almost atheist but not quiet

Enough to let go of

The Stranger

All in the name of

Existentialism not to mention

Exorcism, shark attacks, muppets, labyrinths

I counted on a vampire’s purple fingers

Before I knew The Interview existed

Or Poe, or Bram or Whitman(’s) Sampler

Arrived at my mother’s bed

On her sick day

Make my day