I have the power! Pt. 1 of 3

The true master of his universe

Knows he isn’t

He isn’t in control

In control of anything

Save one

He can’t save anyone

Anyone but himself

But himself

The mastery of that intimidating task

So few commit to

In favor of more cunning pursuits

The earning of things

In exchange for other things

The making of things

The thinking of great ideas

Great ideas leading to a commitment

Eventually of a different

Sort one or the other

To another or to a bed

With clean white sheets

Strapped into a dream of

Love and masochism

Thank g-d the airbags deployed

Deployed our troops indefatigably

Doggedly, the dawn it broke

It broke us

It broke us down

Into parts

Segments of our familiar selves

Toxic smoke from the burning

Of our macadamia nut shells

Grateful for the scars

Thank g-d no bones were broken

No animals harmed in the making

Of this wild west rodeo showdown

Make my day