Dual for Isvara

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In the morning

Before the night

Becomes the day


Before the darkness goes

And leaves the light

My father is at his best


He rises from the east

And kisses my mother to sleep

He makes a bed of reposes

Before the crescendo

Of bird song warms

Her skin


He wakes the children

With a song

From his own youth

A song his mother used to sing

To hymn


With his flock

He swarms the Cenizaro

In golden honey

Where spiders weaved

Bridges out of the night


Sunrise is brilliant over the ridge

Light is warm, sweet and yellow

Bringing colors to life

Against the gray actions

Of air and water


Blue, black was the dress

She wore last night

Making colorless the white

Diamonds of her eyes

For the dawn


So that he could

Bring it home

So that

He could see

Her devotion

So that

He could

See her

See her clearly


He could


So that he would be

The only one to

Witness her brilliance

Her impossible brilliance

In the light of day


But, Oh!

How she did sparkle

In the darkest hours

He reveled in her prowess

The admiration she won

For him on the other side


Like the sun coaxes

Bud from seed

Blossom from bud

Fruitful life from

Earthly decay


The most beautiful things

Cannot be seen

Cannot be seen without will


They will not be seen as they are

As they are

Will has disguised them


For a time

Without until

Until will resides

But only for a time


For a time

the days

are longer than the nights

This is when my mother

Makes us into clay

And my father teaches us

To wash up our hands

To eat

To work

To embrace him

To practice our instruments

To take shape

In the world of experience


For a time

The darkness

Trades the space

This is when my father

Lays us down to rest

And lets our mother bathe us

This is when we learn

To suffer

To forget

To sleep

To renounce our existence

To fall


To the velvety sweet arms

Of our mother

To trust

That ground beneath us

So that

When they come together

For a time


In the evening

Before the day

Becomes the night


Before the darkness comes

And leaves the light

My mother rises from her bed


She kisses my father goodbye

Sets the table

Lights the candles

Shuts the lids of his eyes

With her mouth

Feels the heat of his labor

On her skin

And begins to call

The dream weavers


But not before he winks

Out from beneath

The sheets

Already pulled up to his chin

for one last kiss

and her ocean receives him



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