Chapter 2 – A Kiss

A kiss was all it took

For them to give us everything.

Some days I had it in my mind

To try the same.

When I fell he picked me up

Brushed me off and told me

I was his beautiful little red-headed minx

His high school girl.

On happy days he marveled at my intelligence

My cunning, my skill at shoplifting

Convenience items we would need

For after he dosed us.

We lived in an abandoned wooden house

I went to class with glassy wide eyes

When the electricity was turned off

Because the school was air-conditioned

And someone was always selling

That cheesy popcorn I loved

And I got to pretend

I was just like you

But better

My secret never

Saw the light of day

Until she engaged me

To run away

With her home

And I did

I escaped

But it wasn’t far enough

Away from the love

I knew

And it was much too far away

From the love

I needed

The love

You had

The love I couldn’t see

Because it was

Virtuous and new

And honest

Like nothing

I had ever seen before.

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