Because you let me

FOR Jennifer

because you let me

you let me be

you let me be my deepest darkest self

You let me go

You let me go all the way down

but you don’t let go of my hand

just in case I forget how to float

you let me go allll the way

down deep

Because you can too

you can dive with me

you can hold your tongue

while I breathe

because you trust me

to make you feel

the way I feel

when you let me take

when you let me take you

all the way down

to the place

Where fear gets chewed up
by the Dream Girl

Converted to smiles
And fed to the hungry

and we can wallow there for a while in that weightless space

where the pressure is so intense it bulges our eyes

and forces us

to open wide

holding our breath

as long as we can

until we squeeze out every ounce of air, of grief

until clasped hands squeeze out surrender

Surrender to each other

to nothingness

until our toes take over

and push us up

from the ocean floor

past the current

past doubt

long passed is the fear

of death by drowning

alone in a sea of faces

with eyes that never really see

us for who we are

Because you know me

You know me for who I really am

And how I got here

Where I am today

That I’m the sum of my experiences

But that’s just part of the equation

Because tomorrow is a brand new day

A brand new day where we can go

to that place together where

you lift me up

to heights I never dreamed existed

at the very moment

you let me down

2 comments to “Because you let me”
2 comments to “Because you let me”

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