Where have you been
All of my life
Is passing us by
The farm
Why when you can
Have the milk for free
At last, free at last
Check your six
O’clock news hour
Solar power
Rangers station
State of our union
Men on strike
The match
Maker’s mark
Ups, mark downs
Esta bien
Pura vida
Is short
Skirts, boots
And hats
Off to the races

One comment to “As(s)ocio-paths”
One comment to “As(s)ocio-paths”
  1. Passersby, not passers buy
    the problem of the world
    is that not everything is on sale, nor
    is everything to be had.

    The milk is never free,
    even after you’ve bought a cow
    there is always more milking,
    more caring, more feeding

    Free at last, but not free to last?
    Is that what anyone wants?
    What pertains to others, does not pertain
    to me, free from the very first.

    No news is good news, but bad news
    travels faster. So many will not
    notice because it isn’t nice,
    transform oneself into a cube of ice.

    The state of a union is unity,
    the state of covetting is want
    The state of happiness is clear
    the state of doing what is right.

    And right is what is left
    when the false dreams
    and expectations fall away
    “scales from eyes”,
    as the elders used to say.

    Passersby, a glimpse is gotten
    but such privilege is not
    a right. Associations path
    is accident that happens,
    and “Where have I been all my life?”
    is the most important question.

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